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¿What is required to quote a product?

  • You can contact us through the email or through our website to send us the information about your project.

¿What grades of protection do you offer?

  • We meet Nema 1, Nema 3, Nema 3R, Nema 4, Nema 4X and Nema 12.


¿What certifications do you have?

  • ISO 9001-2015

  • Lapem D8510-01

  • SolidWorks


¿What test do you carry out on your products?

  • Our quality department performs dimensional test, thickness measurement and adhesion according to the applicable standards. 


¿Does the painting process have any certification?

  • Yes, our painting process is approved by Lapem and we guarantee up to 2000 hours in a salt spray chamber. 


¿What incoterms can you handle?

  • We handle different types of incoterms such as: EXW, FCA, DAP and DDP.

¿Do you export to Central and South America?

  • Yes we do, these regions are attended from our headquarters in México located in the city of Querétaro.   


¿Are there distributors for the PROMEGI® brand?

  • Yes there is Anher Solutions Inc. is the only authorized distributor. 


 ¿Do you have any other facilities?

  • Yes, the main plant located in the city of Querétaro, a second plant in the city of Lerdo, Dgo. and a distribution center in Laredo, Tx.


 ¿Do you have a distribution center?

  • Yes we have, there is a distribution center in Laredo Tx. to serve The United States and Canadá.


¿What countries can you export?

  • We can export to any part of the world, currently we export to the United States, Canadá, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Spain and the United Kingdom.

¿What other products do you offer besides metal cabinets?

  • We can manufacture structures and any metal product for industry in general.


¿What kind of cabinets do you handle?

  • Currently we attend different electrical applications such as: transformers high, medium and low voltage, reclosers, UTR, PCYM, Switchgear, monopolar switches, filters and capacitor bank.


¿What sectors of the industry do you attend?

  • We mainly serve the electrical sector, however, we also serve the Oil & Gas, automotive, self service and electronics industry.


¿What guarantee do you offer on your products?

  • We offer a 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects.


¿Can you manufacture customized products?

  • Yes we can, we have an engineering department for the development of custom products. 


¿Can you integrate electronic equipment or accessories?

  • Our scope is limited to the design and manufacture of cabinets and metal structures, however upon request of our clients we can review the integration of electronic equipment and accessories.


¿What type of steel do you use to make your cabinets?

  • We use different types of stainless steel, such as 430, 316 L, and 304 in different finishes (2B and polished P3), carbon steel, cold or hot rolled. Aluminum 1100, 3003, 5052, and galvanized sheet.

  ¿Do you work on galvanized sheet?

  • Yes, we can work with the G60 and G90 galvanized sheet.

¿What is the maximum thickness of plate you can work on?

  • We have plasma cutting up to 3.25” on carbon steel, and laser cutting up to ¾” on carbon steel. Punching up to ¼”. 

¿Do you work on structural metal bars?

  • We manufacture metal structures in which we use metal bars such as angle, canal “C” channel, “I” beam in different dimensions and thicknesses.


¿What is your delivery time?

  • Standard manufacturing times range between 4 - 5 weeks for line products, in the case of special manufacturing it delivery time can be 7 - 9 weeks. These times may vary depending on the used capacity.


¿Can you stamp on steel?

  • No, there is not currently such a process.


¿Do you have an in-house painting process?

  • Yes, there is an electrostatic painting line for applying powder in different colors and textures. We  can apply liquid paint depending on the type of piece and required volume.


¿What types of finished on your products do you offer?

  • In carbon steel cabinets we offer electrostatic painting, in cabinets made of stainless steel and aluminum we can offer apparent or painted finishes.


​¿Do you have a hot dip galvanizing process?

  • For this process used in our structures we have the support of certified suppliers?

¿What are the processes that you have?

  • Currently we have the processes of laser cutting, plasma cutting, punching, bending, MIG / TIG robotic welding, painting and assembly of cabinets and metal structures. 
    We have support processes such as: machining center, CNC lathe, band saw, iron worker machine. 
    We subcontract processes such as: electrolytic galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing. 





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